The Chinese Are Embedding Spies in The DNC, Here Are The Offices They Made It Into

Biden and his family’s connections to China are dubious to say the least, but what about the rest of the Democrat party? Turns out the CCP has been planting spies into these areas and stuffing campaigns with cash for quite a while. 


On Monday night Axios released a bombshell report that an operative of the Chinese government had infiltrated the circles of California Democrats, secured a position with one of them, and dumped Chinese funds into Democrat campaigns. 


More from The Daily Caller: 


An alleged Chinese spy bundled campaign contributions for California Rep. Eric Swalwell and planted an intern in the Democrat’s congressional office, according to a new report.


U.S. intelligence officials said that Christine Fang, the alleged Chinese operative, cozied up to multiple politicians in the California Bay Area between 2011 and 2015 at the direction of China’s Ministry of State Security, its internal spy agency, Axios reported Monday night.


Meanwhile, John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, revealed in a Thursday opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal that Chinese agents have targeted U.S. lawmakers more than any other country, including Russia and Iran, in order to shape U.S. policy in favor of Beijing.


Ratcliffe said in a Sunday interview that he had briefed the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on the influence efforts. Swalwell, who was elected to Congress in 2012, was appointed to the House committee on Jan. 14, 2015.


The report would go on to detail how Fang was able to infiltrate the political circles. The main avenue used was student organizations, it’s not uncommon for political organizations and politicians to hire from these groups so it served as the perfect cover for infiltration. It is no secret that China is looking to infiltrate American institutions, thy have already made progress in corrupting Hollywood and education. 



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