USPS Driver Blows The Whistle On Major Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

A USPS Driver has come forward with allegations of voter fraud, the driver claims that he drove thousands of ballots across state lines and they mysteriously disappeared. The driver testified that the process was unusual and he was required to take ballots that were meant for Harrisburg to Lancaster. There he was told that the ballots for Lancaster would be unloaded and the one for Harrisburg would be unloaded, the ballots meant for Harrisburg would then be sent back to Harrisburg. 


Generally, USPS drivers are given tickets to prove that the mail was delivered, this driver alleges that the transportation supervisor refused to give him a ticket and later refused to give him a late slip which is a form of compensation for time. The driver thought the incident was weird but continued on regardless, he later remembered the incident and thought it could not have been a coincidence and decided to speak up. Here are his remarks:


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