From The Elite To You: The Average Person Must Eat Weeds And Drink Sewage

Meat alternatives such as tasty Bug Burgers and “meat” created in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory have been getting pushed hard by the wealthy elites who dictate policy at the United Nations and run the globalist think tanks that push policy across the globe. These meat alternatives have been fairly unpopular and because these groups are looking for new ways for you to remove all meat from your diet they have come up with new solutions, this time they are opting for you to eat weeds and drink sewage water. 


Writer Douglas Broom wrote a piece for the World Economic Forum titled “5 reasons we need to start nurturing – and eating – weeds”. In the article, he suggests that not only are weeds good for the environment, but they are also good for you too! While no one is going to discredit the fact that weeds are high in nutrients and can be good markers for pollution and general soil health, the idea of using these plants as an alternative for food is a little ridiculous. 


A professor at the University of Auckland, Nathan S Consedine, also wrote about the topic in the World Economic Forum. In the article titled “A psychologist explains why we find some food disgusting – and why it matters” Consedine argues that humans can be conditioned to move towards these foods that normally would be looked down upon by most people. Consedine also references a study they did where average individuals were asked if they would prefer standard drinks or drinks that were made with resources reclaimed from sewage, it should come as no shock that most opted for the normal drink as opposed to what was originally sewage. 


One of the best lines to come out of these papers is “Given time, circumstance and a little nudging, a future meal at your favorite Thai restaurant may well involve ordering a plate of insects.”. This one line captivates the thoughts of many of the super-wealthy elites “a little nudging”. The Elite don’t plan on doing away with their private jets or $1000 appetizers at bourgeoisie restaurants, they not only expect you to change your lifestyle they make an active effort to change it for you. 


The science on climate change has never been properly settled, many scientists argue that rising carbon levels are meaningless and the idea the scientists universally agree on climate change is simply false. Even if climate change is as significant an issue as globalists suggest it is, large lifestyle changes pushed onto the average westerner will have little to no effect on total carbon emissions. 



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