Owner of Computer Repair Shop That Unveiled Biden Scandal Receiving Death Threats


The owner of the computer repair shop that brought forward documents found on Hunter Biden’s laptop has received numerous death threats and according to his lawyer, he has fled town. The initial story was covered up by Silicon Valley juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook. The documents on the laptop exposed corruption in the Biden family and revealed more evidence for an alleged quid pro quo that Trump was impeached for investigation. More from The Daily Wire:


The computer repair shop owner who handed over a laptop hard drive that may have belonged to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has reportedly received death threats and closed his shop.


A sign posted on John Mac Isaac’s Trolley Square store ten days after the election said it was closed, a neighbor claiming that the owner had left town. Mac Isaac’s lawyer, Brian Della Rocca, confirmed to the Delaware News Journal that Mac Isaac had closed the shop, but did not say whether his client had left town. He did claim that his client had received death threats.


Della Rocca told the Journal that his office had communicated with Wilmington FBI agents and Delaware’s Assistant United States Attorney Leslie Wolf about the situation, saying, “I’ve been in touch with federal law enforcement, yes.”


The hard drive triggered a firestorm after The New York Post published a story on the alleged contents of the drive, which had been given to Rudy Giuliani. The story claimed that emails on the laptop showed that when Joe Biden served as vice president in 2015, he met with an executive from Burisma Holdings while Hunter Biden had been employed by Burisma. That claim was vehemently denied by the Biden campaign.


Many who know the original story well feel as if Silicon Valley censored it in an effort to sway the outcome of the election. The New York Post, a well established and highly reputable publication, was effectively banned by Twitter for their original posting of the story. After the election had ended Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, said that it was a mistake to bury the story in the manner in which they did. 



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