Will A Vaccine Be Required To Travel?

The International Air Transport Association is developing a mobile app for travelers that will show proof of inoculation, a digital passport, and Covid-19 test results. This travel pass system is already becoming a reality in the United Kingdom where individuals will have to test negative to get a “freedom license”. More from Aljazeera:


Global airline lobby IATA is working on a mobile app that will help travelers demonstrate their coronavirus-free status, joining a push to introduce so-called Covid passports as vaccines for the disease near approval.


The Travel Pass will display test results together with proof of inoculation, as well as listing national entry rules and details on the nearest labs, the International Air Transport Association said Monday. The app will also link to an electronic copy of the holder’s passport to prove their identity.


A test program will begin with British Airways parent IAG SA this year before arriving on Apple devices in the first quarter and Android from April, IATA said. Travelers will be able to share their status with border authorities or present a QR code for scanning.


Qantas Airways Ltd. said Monday a Covid-19 vaccination will be a necessity for its international passengers. Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce told Channel 9 in Australia he has discussed the idea with other airlines, and it’s likely to become a pre-boarding requirement around the world.


Many worldwide are lashing out against the endless lockdowns that are taking place and measures like this are sure to make things worse. With no end in site-many in the mainstream media are proposing these ideas as a part of what is being called the new normal, something many Americans and citizens across the globe are already beginning to detest.  


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