Man Falls Of Ladder, His Death Was Caused By Covid-19?


A builder in Croatia fell off of a 10-foot ladder and tragically died as a result of the nasty fall, doctors are claiming however that his death is the result of Covid-19. This is not abnormal for 2020 and this is considered normal under the World Health Organization’s guidelines. More from the Daily Mail:


MailOnline has contacted the WHO for comment on whether the death was recorded correctly but has yet to hear back.


Professor Paul Hunter, an expert in medicine at the University of East Anglia, said he would have attributed the fatality to coronavirus if he was signing the death certificate.


‘So at first sight he probably may not fit the criteria (for a Covid-19 death),’ he told MailOnline.


‘But why did he fall from the ladder? Was it a heart attack caused by Covid-19 (these do occur) or was he ill and shaky from his acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and that led to his fall?


The story also notes that the individual was a heavy smoker and had a list of other ailments that may have also caused his death, the simple fact of the matter here is that this gentleman fell off of a ladder and died as a result of the injuries after they had hit the ground. Marking deaths like this as Covid-19 deaths is disingenuous and only serves to over inflate the number of deaths. This is not to say that Covid-19 isn’t dangerous, it is, but reporting like this only serves to fuel conspiracy theories and poison the public discourse on the topic.   



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