Airbnb Closed Account For Offering Million MAGA March Attendees A Place To Stay

The popular home-sharing service Airbnb has closed the account of an individual who offered boarding for those attending the Million MAGA March. Airbnb is reported to have closed the account due to pressure from users on Twitter. More from PJ Media:

The man in question, identified as Ronald Gaudier, offered to host march attendees in a public Telegram chat run by the Proud Boys.

“I rented an apartment through AirBNB walking distance. There is room there for a couple other guys if you are interested message me,” Gaudier wrote on Tuesday. “I’m booked 13-15.”

Twitter users posted screenshots of the chat, warning Airbnb of Gaudier’s offer. Users attacked Airbnb for apparently agreeing to host someone loosely affiliated with the Proud Boys.

“Hey [Airbnb] what are your thoughts on members of white supremacist hate groups like the ‘Proud Boys’ using your platform?” We Will Be Ruthless, a Twitter account with more than 10,000 followers, tweeted at the home-sharing platform.

Democrats have taken to social media before to ruin lives, it is a common tactic that is used more than most are aware. This is a perfect example of how spineless companies are used by the left for political purposes. This is a major contributing factor to how the left is able to win where conservatives lose 



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