Trouble In Nevada, Details Emerge About Broken Mail-in Ballot System

Trouble is brewing in Nevada, a columnist recently went out and tested the mail in the ballot system, the results were shocking. It was found that numerous ballots that were fraudulent made it through and many were receiving ballots they did not ask for. More from The Las Vegas Review-Journal:


Morley, a 25-year Las Vegas resident, lives alone. Recently, she received five ballots in the mail. She should have received only two, one for herself and one for her son who attends an out-of-town university. But she also received two ballots for adult children who moved years ago and plan to vote in other states. And she received a ballot for an aunt who lived with her before passing away in 2019.


Morley is confident that she could have voted four times. She could have forged her aunt’s signature “well enough that it’s not going to be flagged,” she said. “Without a doubt” she could have done the same for her kids’ signatures, she added.


“There’s no way I’m the only household that has this,” she said.


She’s obviously right. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only easy opportunity for fraud that arises from relying on a list riddled with inaccuracies to send unrequested mail ballots.


This is not the only story of its kind however, many other stories like this are coming forward. This individual did the right thing and did not forge these ballots and send them in as extra votes for their preferred candidate, but would everyone have done the same? 



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