Here Is How Silicon Valley Interfered In Our Election

Facebook, Twitter, and Google all moved on election night to swing the tide of information and are still actively suppressing information in a blatant manner. On the night of the election, many of the President’s tweets were completely removed and covered by text that reads: “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”


The President was not the only one to be treated in the manor, Right-wing talk show host Mark Levin had his Facebook page shut down and restricted for multiple days. Facebook and Twitter have been actively suppressing accounts for years through the process of shadowbans, where accounts no longer get recommended in sidebars and do not actively show up in searches, this, however, marks a major step up from the companies as they are now actively censoring accounts in broad daylight for all to see. 

Google is also reported to have sent out alerts to Democrats and not Republicans asking them to come out and vote. Dr. Robert Epstein, who is running a google monitoring program, observed that the get out and vote reminder only went out to Liberals and not conservatives. While Google claims that they do not make any particular effort to manipulate the vote this action would say otherwise. 


Google has not only done this, however, but there is also ample evidence to suggest that the company actively manipulates search results in favor of left-wing news outlets and the mainstream media. This style of manipulation doesn’t just affect politics either, while selling top search results as ads to businesses is fine as it is clearly labeled as such, big business and megacorporations are actively favored over small business and local establishments. Major competitors to Alphabet, Google’s parent company, also suffer due to this, small video-sharing platforms can not compete with Youtube when they are in the same search algorithm.


There were serious concerns when it came to acts of voter fraud during this year’s election, anyone who moved to speak about this is in hot water with these companies and subject to losing their account as a consequence of posting these concerns. Many in Washington claim to want free and fair elections but is it really a free and fair election process when these mega-corporations can freely and in open view censor one political party in favor of another?


These platforms have the Gaul to censor the President of the United States on Election night, take major political pundits offline during an election season, and cripple the voice of American voters. There is a clear move by these corporate monopolies to interfere in the US electoral system. 


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