Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Member of Biden Covid-19 Taskforce Profited Off The Lockdown

With the Mainstream media having called the election for Biden, the Democrat party has assembled a team of “experts” ready to put the country back into another lockdown. One of these experts is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who profited off the lockdown and is ready to recommend a longer one. More from The Daily Wire


Emanuel was one of a dozen health experts that Biden named to his task force to advise him on how to handle the pandemic. Emanuel worked as an adviser for COVID-19 RECoVERY Consulting, a firm that provides guidance to businesses on how to navigate pandemic regulations as elected leaders begin lifting strict lockdown measures, according to the Washington Examiner.


In September, Alex Berenson, a former reporter for The New York Times and vocal critic of lockdown policies, appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and accused Emanuel of profiting off the policies he advocated for that played a significant role in forcing millions of Americans out of jobs and closing thousands of businesses. During the lockdown, the United States hit its highest level of unemployment since the Great Depression.


“Zeke is doing good by doing well and doing well by doing good. He has his own consulting firm where he consults with people for profit to make money from giving them recommendations about how to get around and get past the lockdown advice that he’s pushing, the lockdown that he’s pushing,” Berenson told Carlson.


A major part of the 2016 Trump campaign was draining the swamp, now that the Mainstream Media is calling it for Biden it appears to be back to business as usual. It’s not hard to imagine how bad Washington will get now that the usual crowd is back in town. 


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