The Trump Accountability Project! The Anti-American Plot To Destroy Trump Supporters

The Trump Accountability Project is a communist-style enemy list that aims to keep those that supported Trump “accountable’’. In effect what this means is that the leaders of this project are looking to keep all of those who supported the President unemployable. 


The list, which is no longer available due to serious legal concerns, contained the names of private donors to the President, members of the administration, and multiple judges. It should go without saying but compiling a list of federal officials is a bad idea and one that will get you sent to federal prison. However, who is running this project? And why are they immune to the consequences that normal Americans would have to face for doing this. 


Among those that worked on and promoted this project are Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and a member of Pete Buttigeigs staff. These are darlings of the media and like many politicians are totally immune to consequences. This list is being paired with an ongoing effort by the left to keep account of online posts by those on the right. 


The UK and many other European countries have begun to enact legal actions against those online who post about their politics online. Several were arrested for anti-lockdown-related posts and many more were threatened with legal action by authorities for these posts. Many fear that this may be the first step in the direction in the United States.