Here Are The States Where Major Shake-ups Could Change The Election

It is the day after the election and everyone in America is clueless as to who will win the election, this is an unprecedented event in American history and not one that will soon be forgotten. 


In several instances states were called at as little as 1% reporting, some states that are at 99% reporting have still not been called by major networks, and in the most important states, oddities could be changing the outcome of the election drastically. 


Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin are all the states that could flip either way as the hours go by. This election already caused heartache in America, these issues and bizarre changes to the rules are only making matters worse. Here are the major issues going on in each state: 




-According to a county clerk’s office in Michigan there were significant issues that have resulted in “Skewed Results”  


-Former State Lawmaker Tom McMillin saw irregularities in the total votes of some counties. McMillin said “Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up” 


-Executive editor and publisher of the Gongwer Michigan claims that this will impact the race significantly in the state



-Detroit absentee ballot counting facility has begun boarding up its windows 



-Trump Campaign set to sue the state over continued counting 




-The Trump campaign files a lawsuit targeting the Pennsylvania vote count


-Pennsylvania has offered many different times at which the counting of votes will end 


-Trump declaring victory in the state




-Phoenix-based data firm, Data Orbital, is predicting a Trump victory in Arizona after all votes are counted


-Major errors in reporting were found in the state, A data firm reported that 98% of votes were in when in reality only 86% had been counted



-Chaos erupted as controversy over the use of sharpie markers or felt-tip markers invalidated Trump votes in the state




-Election results in Georgie delayed due to “burst pipe” in counting facility, election officials claim it may be Friday before all the votes are counted


-Ballot counting was stopped at 10:30 PM EST and was set to resume at 8:30 AM EST




-Thousands of Ballots in Nevada wait in limbo as errors regarding signatures emerge


-Voters are being given 7-days until after the election to fix these signatures




-Trump campaign looking to get a recount in the state


-Charges of voter fraud are widespread


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