UPS Confirms Tucker Carlson Package Tampered With!

Tucker Carlson has taken to the airwaves to share that a very important package that he was supposed to receive was tampered with prior to its arrival. What did this package contain? Documents damning to the Biden’s. 

The Hunter Biden story has been a massive shock to many in the country, the family allegedly sold out America to the Chinese for a few bucks. On top of this the media and the social media giants are doing everything they can to stop the spread of this information. 

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“There’s always a lot going on that we don’t have time to get to on the air, but there is something specific going on behind the scenes that we did feel we should tell you about,” Carlson explained Wednesday, according to The Daily Wire. “So, on Monday of this week, we received, from a source, a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they’re real, and they’re damning.”

“At the time we received them, my executive producer Justin Wells and I were in Los Angeles preparing to interview Tony Bobulinski about the Biden’s business dealings in China, Ukraine, and other countries,” the host said. “So, we texted a producer in New York and we asked him to send those documents to us in L.A., and he did that. So, Monday afternoon of this week, he shipped those documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times with never a single problem.”

However, the documents never arrived in Los Angeles, according to Carlson. “Tuesday morning, we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents had disappeared,” he said.

With the election just days away and stakes higher than they have ever been, everyone is watching and some nefarious actors are moving to do wrong in order to win big.


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