Philadelphia Destroyed, Leftists Riot, And The Media Is Awol


There was major rioting in Philadelphia last night and several are dead as a result, why haven’t you heard this story? The media doesn’t think it’s one worth sharing. Most of the major networks have opted to ignore the violence, rioting, and looting in Philadelphia. In a normal election cycle, something like this may impact where voters cast their ballots, which is why many networks might opt to hide these events. More from PJ Media:

We’re less than a week away from this ever more important election. As if on cue, more civil unrest has broken out to remind us of the stark contrast between the two major candidates that the last five people who didn’t vote early will choose from next Tuesday.

Philadelphia — the one part of Pennsylvania solidly in the Biden camp — endured another night of rioting because police officers who were being threatened defended themselves.

Once again, America is looking at a large, Democrat-run city going up in flames because law enforcement officers were confronted with violence and had to respond in the moment.

The election is just days away and the media is engaging in politics as opposed to journalism. The damage is Philadelphia is real and will have long term consequences.


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