Some Are Claiming This Joe Biden Gaffe Is A Freudian Slip

In the latest gaffe from Joe Biden he claimed to have one of the best voter fraud organizations, when many voters are on edge about election security this is not a good look. More form PJ Media: 


Was he misspeaking or just opening his mouth and removing the filter between his brain and mouth? Was it a Joe Bidenesque Freudian slip sniff?


Biden was holding a rare campaign event – via video – when he boastfully proclaimed that his campaign operates “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”


Worse? He was cribbing from notes.


C’mon, man!


The problem is that though Joe may have just misspoken in another bumbling, Zoom campaign appearance using his crib notes, out here in the real world there is serious concern about real-time election manipulation.


Fears over election fraud are extremely high this election and comment like this are not going to poll well, and in all likelihood, these comments are going to fuel fears and conspiracy theories about the Biden campaign.



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