Instagram Model Keeps Gunmen at Bay During Home Invasion

Ansley Pacnhco is a 26-year-old Instagram model and online influencer who had kept armed robbers at bay. 



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The young woman kept an armed home invader at bay protecting her family in the process. Armed Gunmen charged into 26-year-old Ansley Pacnhco’s home and attempted to rob her friends and family, at the time of them entering her home she was in her bedroom and was able to retrieve her husband’s gun from the nightstand.


Pacheco was able to hold the robbers at gunpoint and demanded they leave. She met one face to face and he had demanded that she put the gun down, she shook her head no and told them not to shoot her because her son is there. The gunmen fled the scene after they realized they would not be able to steal from people who are armed. 


The whole event was caught on tape, you can see it here:


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