Biden Harris Campaign Text Code Is 2020 ÷ 666

Like with every campaign the Biden Harris campaign has a campaign text code, a number that you can text for more information related to the campaign. What not every campaign has is a number as interesting as the campaign text code for the Biden Harris campaign. The campaign number is 30330, which is 2020 ÷ 666, or at least that is what some internet users are saying. Is this True? 


Dividing 2020 by 666 yields 3.03303303303, the first 5 digits of which are 30330. This is certainly an interesting coincidence to say the least, although many online are suggesting that this is more than a coincidence. There is nothing to suggest this was some insane move by the DNC to appeal to the satanist Demographic or the occult, but this certainly is interesting. Here are some tweets about the whole situation:


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