Owner Of Computer Repair Shop That Found Hunter Biden Laptop Fears Assassination, Suggests FBI Coverup

John Paul Mac Isaac, The Owner of the Computer Repair shop that turned over the Hunter Biden laptop to Officials, has come out claiming that the New York Post did not reveal the worst of what was on the computer and fears that he may be assassinated in an FBI coverup of this information. 


Isaac referenced another encounter with the authorities where he had found child pornography on a computer that he was repairing and immediately called the police. Isaac compared this incident with the Biden laptop to that episode but admits that there was no child pornography on the computer. Isaac does claim however that the contents of the laptop that were not initially reported on involved numerous illegal activities.


Isaac hinted during an interview that he is in possession of a “dead man’s switch” for an event in which something happens to him. A dead man’s switch is a reference to a device that triggers after one’s death, the idea of the dead man’s switch has been popularized in pop culture but is very real and it is not unreasonable to assume that a professional in the tech industry could release thousands of documents posthumously.  


Isaac cites his fears over an assassination stating that “Epstein didn’t really kill himself, this guy got shot jogging”. While Isaac had turned over the documents to Rudi Guliani it was Guliani who had pushed it over to the New York Post. Isaac told the press that this was a preferable outcome that having the story be buried and having him become a bigger target.  



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