Netflix Using False Copyright Claims To Silence Criticism of ‘Cuties” Film

Streaming Giant Netflix has received heavy criticism for its promotion of the indie film “Cuties”, a film that has been called out for its apparent sexual exploitation of children, and has fired back at critics with not just bizarre comments but with heavy-handed tech censorship as well. 


The film claims to be a story about an 11-year-old girl who rebels against her family’s conservative values. The film showcases several underaged girls doing highly sexual dances in skimpy outfits, it is not hard to imagine why many are taking issue with the film. Netflix responded to initial complaints about the film by stating that they do not attack cultural or religious views(?).


Youtube Influencer TheQuartering brought to light that many of the videos on Youtube that were hypercritical of the film were taken down due to alleged copyright violations. Many other Youtube influencers have voiced their complaints about the copyright-related takedowns of their videos on the film and the backlash it has caused. The tactic of issuing false copyright strikes has been a common tactic on Youtube for those looking to crush opposition voices. 


The film has resulted in the company receiving an indictment from the Texas Grand Jury. This move has resulted in heavy backlash from elite journalists at major left-wing publications. The website Slate ran an article claiming that the indictment was a flagrant violation of the first amendment, other websites pushed back on the indictment claiming that the film is simply misunderstood. 



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