Harry Reid Claims The Government Is Withholding Information On UFOs

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that the US Government Is withholding information on UFOs. In a new documentary called “The Phenomenon” that interviewed notable figures like Harry Reid, John Podesta, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, Harry Reid made these claims. More from the New York Post:  

The truth is out there — it’s just being covered up.

The US government has key evidence of possible close encounters with UFOs but has been hiding it for years, according to former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The 80-year-old politician claimed in a new documentary, “The Phenomenon,” that “there’s more than one up there” and even believes they may have interfered with American weapons.

Asked if he was saying that “there’s some evidence that still hasn’t seen the light of day,” Reid insisted, “I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day.”

Big if true, as they say. While no bombshell reports about extraterrestrial life have come out, the Pentagon has released numerous documents related to the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs for short. Whether these UFO’s are aliens, secret government technologies, or Chinese spy drones is unclear.


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