One Woman Claims Her Child Was Kidnapped and Tortured for Ritual Purposes

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound that is derived from Adrenaline, the chemical compound that flows through the body in times of great stress. Adrenochrome is believed to increase vitality and some even believe it gives the user hallucinations. Many are under the impression that a cult made up of the elite in society harvest this chemical and use it in rituals, but how true is this?

The story about Adrenochrome exploded with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a child sex trafficking ring that curated children for the elite members of society, and the revelation that what was once denounced as wild internet conspiracy theories was the very reality in which we live. His arrest and the revelations surrounding it lent a lot of credence to the theories surrounding adrenochrome.

While on the Dr. Phil show, a woman revealed her belief that her child was kidnapped and tortured to produce this chemical, this woman also believes that her daughter was sacrificed during a ritual. The mother, referred to as Sherrie on the show, has been denounced by the media and the local police department for fueling “conspiracy theories” that in their view are totally baseless. Here is the clip from the Dr. Phil show:

Sherrie alleges that a gang member reached out to her claiming to have a video of the murder of her daughter, the gang member allegedly told her that the video shows her being killed and her body being put into a barrel that would soon be set on fire. None of this evidence has come forward into the public light where we can review it or anyone can see it for themselves. Sherrie also claims that the timeline of when her daughter went missing matches the summer solstice, an important event in pagan rituals, and a full moon, another important event in pagan rituals, while these claims do match her story they are not real, hard-hitting, evidence on their own.

While nothing has ultimately come from the story as a result of a lot of the information being unverifiable it has once again sparked conversation related to the topic of the elite and that of adrenochrome. The story has also light new fires related to the Jeffrey Epstein story, his alleged suicide still remains a heavily contested point among most Americans.


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