Mike Pompeo Releases Hillary Emails!

Trump ordered the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails, these were the emails infamously deleted off of a private server that Hillary used illegitimately while Secretary of State and the State Department has released them uncontested. You can see the emails for yourself here on the State Department Website. More from The Denver Channel:

In an interview that was published on the US Department of State’s website Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said more of Hilary Clinton’s emails would be released.

The news of the emails being released comes on the heels of two interviews President Donald Trump did Thursday.

On Fox Business, Trump expressed his unhappiness with Pompeo because he’s “running the department,” so he should be able to “get them out,” the State Department interview transcript stated.

With more emails soon to be released, it is unknown what exactly will be redacted and what will move forward into the public view. According to the President, it has been very difficult getting these emails out of the State Department and this has been a very long process.


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