Youtube Star May Have Violated Federal Law By Offering Nude Photos In Exchange For Voting Biden

Internet Celebrity Tana Mongeau has come under fire recently for trading naked photographs of herself for proof the recipient has voted for Biden in the form of a picture of their ballot. This has violated numerous laws, on her end, and at the end of many of those looking to get these photographs.

In several states it is illegal to share photos of your ballot, this was brought to the public’s attention when many on social media were warned over their posting of so-called “ballot selfies”. When Tana Mongeau called for her fans to send her photos of their ballot she put them at risk for serious legal ramifications on that front alone.

Another major legal problem that may be coming for Mongeau is the potential she committed an act of vote-buying which is a federal offense. With most illegal acts revolving around election nothing is likely to come from this, this does not mean that nothing will come from this but this is likely what will happen.


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