Mother Arrested For Leaving 5km Lockdown Radius!


Actions by governments that would normally reach headlines globally have been kept under wraps as a result of the media’s total backing of the global lockdown. The latest Story like this involves the brutal arrest of a mother at a beach in Australia, why was she arrested? She left the 5km radius around her home.   


The new rules in Australia make it so you can not go further than a certain distance from your home unless you have special permission from the government. Many have planned protests against these extreme measures and have been arrested for it, this is not shocking if you have been paying attention to any news coming out of the area. 


More on the story from Yahoo News:


 Video has emerged of police officers clashing with beachgoers in a dramatic arrest of a woman at a Melbourne beach as hordes of residents headed outdoors to enjoy the good weather over the weekend.

Officers approached a group of people at Altona Beach, in the city’s southwest, on Saturday evening after noticing they weren’t wearing masks, Victoria Police said.

The group became aggressive towards police and when a female member of the group refused to give her details, she was arrested, a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia in a statement.

Footage of the incident, which has since spread across social media, shows two officers struggling to place the woman in handcuffs as she lay on her back on the sand.


Here is the full video of the incident, (explicit language warning):


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