Customs Confiscated $140k in Chinese Drug Paraphernalia

Customs and Border Protection officials confiscated thousands of Chinese bongs in Sterling, Virginia. This was no low tear bust either, these bongs were custom and worth a significant amount of money. More from The Daily Caller:  


Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers reportedly seized 8,387 bongs from an air cargo shipment from China at the Washington Dulles International Airport, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced. The shipment included 41 boxes of glass and silicone boxes worth nearly $143,000 and was addressed to an address in Los Angeles County, California.


“Customs and Border Protection remains committed to facilitating lawful trade while identifying consumer goods that violate U.S. laws or illicit products that can potentially harm our nation’s citizens,” Director of Field Operations for CBP’s Baltimore Field Office Casey Durst said, according to the DHS.


The trade war with China is a lot bigger than legal trade and numbers on spreadsheets, illegal activity such as this might have gone on under the radar before but the Trump administration is dedicated to this crackdown as part of an effort to push back against the red giant. China exports many goods considered illegal in the United States and many of these incidents are not reported on as they are “not newsworthy” in the eyes of the mainstream media.


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