Things Will Never Be Normal Again, According to The CNN ‘Experts’

“There is no getting ‘back to normal,’ experts say. The sooner we accept that, the better”


The headline you just read is from a CNN article published on September 30th by analyst Nick Paton Walsh. In his article Walsh claims that the world needs to accept that things are not going back to the way they were prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Walsh writes


Perhaps it’s nostalgia for the world of January, a place where daily life more closely resembled our past decades. Perhaps it’s a bid to show control, to revert to a time when change was not so universally imposed upon us.


But January is long gone, and it’s not coming back. And, psychologists will tell you, that’s only bad if you can’t come to terms with it.


We are slowly learning if this year’s changes are permanent. If work — for the lucky among us — will remain from home. If we will visit the grocery store less but spend more. If we will find wearing a mask on the metro to be just part of life. If shaking hands and embracing will become less common. If most of your daily interactions will occur via video conference (rather than in person).


“Five years’ change in six months” is a common slogan for the pandemic. The disruption has upended lives in jobs lost and relatives who live alone or perhaps died without saying the right goodbyes.


The article has raised a lot of red flags across not only the country but the world and many are rebuking this line of thinking as no more than election-year fear-mongering with the intent of making the Coronavirus pandemic a more important topic of debate than it actually is. Two focal points in the article are that the lockdown has not really been that bad and the only people who will suffer are those that try to reclaim that way things were before. 



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