Man Escapes From Government COVID Facility Using Rope Made From Bedsheets

In the latest insane story to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, a man broke out of a government-run COVID facility. The daring escape involved the individual tying several bedsheets together and climbing down the side of the building, note that he was on the 4th floor. Despite the Hollywood antics, the individual was apprehended by officials at the front gate.

While the escape itself was daring and worthy of media coverage on its own, many are skipping the story due to the details about the facility he was held in and the nature of this individual being held there. The facility was in New Zealand and the man had been deported back to New Zealand from Australia over fears he had the virus. Despite these fears and being held in the facility, it is alleged that the man has not tested positive for the virus and has shown no signs of illness.

Government officials are calling his stay at the facility ‘compelled’. Note that this is not the first time someone has tried to flee a government COVID quarantine facility. Back in August one woman who escaped a facility was captured and arrested, she would ultimately spend two weeks in prison for this escape.

Many are concerned that government overreach is being considered normal during the Coronavirus pandemic, individuals have been tased for not wearing masks, arrests have been made over anti-lockdown posts on social media, and surveillance drones have been deployed across the globe to enforce the lockdown.