Two US Citizens Caught Planning Terror Attack On Trump Tower

The FBI recently nabbed two potential terrorists who had been conspiring to carry out attacks on US Soil. The two men, Kristopher Sean Matthews and Christopher Molina, had a variety of targets that included economic centers and government buildings. 


Among their targets were the CIA headquarters, the FBI building, the DEA headquarters,  the New York Stock Exchange, and Trump Tower. 


The FBI alleges that the two men, who are both US-born citizens, were radicalized online and joined the notorious terror organization ISIS. FBI officials became aware of the two when they connected on a highly encrypted online messaging application. 


The two men shared bomb-making guides and ISIS training videos that showed viewers how to use AK-47 rifles. The duo had also made a concerted effort to “radicalize and recruit” via social media, although to what extent is unknown. 


Terror is very real and while these two were likely incapable of what they planned to do, they did make these plans and had access to the resources to make it a reality. 


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