Jack Dorsey and Bill Gates Among Big Names Funding The Bail Project/Antifa

The Bail Project is an organization that started to bail out protesters and rioters across the country when the George Floyd riots began, The project has received millions in funding from big names like Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It was discovered over the past week that there is a glaring connection between Antifa, a radical left-wing organization know for committing violent acts in the streets, and the Bail Project organization.

In the video seen in the tweet below you can see several members of the radical left-wing organization disembarking from a Uhaul van with shields and other pieces fo equipment at the Breonna Taylor riots in Louisville.

Several users on Twitter began doing the work that journalists should have been doing, and that’s figuring out who financed this operation. It was discovered after several phone calls to the local Uhaul business that the driver of the vehicle was Holly Zoller, a member fo the Bail Project. Zoller later admitted to having rented the vehicle and being inside of the vehicle. This admission came when one concerned Twitter user called her posing as an employee fo Uhaul looking into the “illegal” use of one of their vehicles. While it is likely that no law was broken the Uhaul Terms of Service were likely broken during this event.

The financiers of the Bail Project are super-wealthy elites like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. Jack Dorsey gave $11 million to groups dedicated to “forwarded racial equality and ending racial injustice”, the Bail Project would ultimately receive some of these funds as well as Black Lives Matter. Bill Gates gave $250 million in conjunction with Dalio Philanthropies, and Skoll foundations to a new organization founded by the TED organization(The group dedicated to “ideas worth spreading”), this new organization is called “Audacious Project“. Another Fiancer that has been uncovered is the Universal Music Group, which is minority-owned by Tencent(A Chinese Tech Company). The Universal Music Group created a “Task Force for Meaningful Change” and created a $25 million Change Fund following the death of George Floyd, the Bail Project received some of these funds.

The funding for these groups does not end here however, The Bail Project has also received federal funding. The Bail Project took out Covid-19 relief funds to the tune of $1 million coming from the American taxpayer. Many online have begun ringing the alarm bells on this groups, Holly Zoller, who not only works for the Bail Project and rented the Uhaul that handed out riot supplies for Antifa, Zoller is also a rather notorious leftist who was at Charlottesville and numerous other protests where violence has occurred.


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