Obscure Law May Result in Thousands of Ballots Being Throw Out

The 2020 election is setting itself up to be the most chaotic election in American history, it may be guaranteed to be rigged but with the rate at which things are going many Americans are going to end up voiceless. There is a bizarre law in the state of Pennsylvania that calls for ballots to be sealed in special envelopes, like many laws this may not be known to all and could result in voters casting illegitimate ballots that will simply be thrown out. More from The Washington Times: 

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Philadelphia’s top elections official is warning of electoral chaos in the presidential battleground state if lawmakers there do not remove a provision in Pennsylvania law that, under a days-old court decision, requires counties to throw out mail-in ballots returned without secrecy envelopes.

Lisa Deeley, chairwoman of the three-member board overseeing Philadelphia’s elections, wrote Monday to the state Legislature’s presiding Republicans to urge them to back legislation to remove a provision she calls unnecessary.

Some 30,000 to 40,000 mail-in ballots could arrive without secrecy envelopes in Philadelphia alone in November’s presidential election, Deeley estimated, and the state Supreme Court’s interpretation of current law forces election officials to throw them out.

This election is sure to be chaotic at the very least. In a state as important as Pennsylvania it is important that voters know what they are doing come November, the voices of the American voters need to be heard.


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