Nanny State Extreme: Citizens Encouraged To Spy On Neighbors

The UK Government has moved to new heights in terms of being a nanny state, the government is asking its citizens to spy on each other and report those who break Covid-19 lockdown rules. This new message from the government comes after some COVID deaths were found to be those who tested positive for the virus after being killed in car crashes and dying fo cancer. More from the Daily Mail:

‘But the alternative to that choice is that we will have to bring in more action. And we don’t want to do that, but every single person has a part to play in this and everybody watching has a choice: do you follow the rules or not? And if everybody follows the rules, then we’ll be able to get the virus under control.’

With his ministers locked in debate this weekend over whether to introduce a second lockdown that would devastate the economy, the Prime Minister announced that he was creating a new legal duty for people to self-isolate if they test positive for the virus or are told to do so by Test and Trace staff.

‘I don’t want to see more measures, more restrictive measures. But unfortunately if people don’t follow the rules that is how the virus spreads,’ Mr Hancock added.

‘It comes down to individual choices of the 60million people who live in this country as to whether we can keep it there with a local lockdown approach or whether we have to take further national action.’

The UK has had nothing short of an economic crisis on its hands for a while and the effects of this crisis will be felt across the world. The social conflict that will stem from recommendations like this will likely also have a serious long term impact on the country.


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