Actual Thought Crimes: Covid ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ To Be Arrested

A new law is on the table in Australia and it would allow police to arrest COVID “Conspiracy Theorists”. The measure is part of an omnibus bill that contains emergency relief so it will likely pass with this measure still in it.  Many have raised concerns over the potential abuse this bill could bring including the question fo what the law defines as a “Conspiracy Theorist” when it pertains to Covid-19. More from the AGE: 

New powers proposed by the Victorian government could see people considered a high risk being detained by a broader category of “authorised officers”.

The COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 was announced on Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos’ website and is now before Parliament.

The measures, which would be implemented until April 2021, would broaden the types of people who can be appointed as authorised officers to enforce public health interventions to include protective services officers and WorkSafe inspectors.

This bill comes at a time where many across the world fear Chinese style authoritarianism in their own governments. Australia being close to China has this fear more so than others and the fact that this proposal has appeared there is cause for concern on an international scale.


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