Democrat Mayor ‘Encouraging’ Citizens to Give Random Blood Samples

Under the guise of COVID-19, the Democrat Mayor of Huston is requesting that individuals in the city participate in the random sampling of blood from citizens of the city. This would require that individuals give their blood to the city, not as part of a blood donation drive or anything of that sort, but instead this would be for Coronoavirus testing. More from The Texan:

Last week, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the launch of a COVID-19 survey that will send city employees to homes to request blood samples for antibody testing.

Conducted by the Houston Health Department in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Rice University, and Baylor College of Medicine, the survey will include only randomly selected households for participation.

According to a press release from the city, teams consisting of Houston Health Department Staff and Houston Fire Department paramedics will visit the selected homes and ask household members to answer survey questions and provide a blood sample.


At the surface level this is not a crazy idea, in fact, it sounds beneficial, but with numerous scandals being involved with blood drives and the use of the blood for usees not obvious or even apparent to those donating it there is cause for concern. Another concern that has been raised is privacy, if an individual were to give their blood as part of this effort the government would have a full DNA profile of the individual that may be used in criminal proceedings. While it is easy to say, simply do not be a criminal, you never know what may become a crime in the future.


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