Authorities Rip Woman From Car Over Violating Covid Lockdown

The police ripped a woman out of her car in Australia while at a lockdown checkpoint. The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in extreme measures across the globe as evidence for the severity of the virus becomes more and more lacking as the days go by. While the incident was caught on film, the silicon valley elites have moved to have them removed from most public platforms. This incident involved a woman going through a Coronavirus checkpoint in Wallan, which is north of Melbourne, where she was forcefully removed from her vehicle for having her phone mounted on her windshield as opposed to being tucked away in a pocket or in her purse.


This incident is a clear overreach and could have been completely avoided had it not been for the lockdown checkpoints. This story follows another in Australia, where a pregnant woman was arrested in her own home over Facebook posts that spoke out against the lockdown.


In America, we are afforded Freedom of speech but that is threatened by bad actors in the government and the silicon valley overlords every day. If American’s do not stand up for their 1st amendment rights constantly, stories like this may come out fo New York and California.


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