Elites Stand Against Everyday Americans On ‘Cuties’ Controversy

The new Netflix film “Cuties” has been mired in wicked controversy over allegations that the film sexually exploited Children. Many are calling for Netflix to remove the film and the company has pushed back on these calls, this alone is concerning, to say the least. Netflix is not alone in this corner, elite review critics and so-called “journalists” are also right beside them calling any attack on the film a “right-wing” campaign. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a review site, the film has an 88% from critics and only a 3% rating from average users. More From Breitbart:

Over the years, I’ve seen some wide gulfs between audience and critic at Rotten Tomatoes, but that probably takes the cake and the pie and the whole enchilada.

Keep in mind, Rotten Tomatoes has worked hard to game these scores to protect its Hollywood masters, and still it’s 88 to three.

So, despite what the fake media are telling you about criticism of Cuties coming only from the close-minded and unenlightened political right, Cuties is not proving to be at all divisive, at least not among real people. A full 1,047 audience members voted on Cuties, which means 1,047 of everyday people took the time to log an opinion, and only three percent gave it a thumbs up. That works out to a terrible approval score of less than one percent — 0.69 percent, to be precise.

The criticism for the “Cuties” film does not end online or in the homes of many Americans, the criticism for the film has reached legislators who now claim that the film may be in violations of both child exploitation laws and child pornography laws. This film has drawn another divide between the social and political elite and everyday Americans. It is unknown what the ultimate conclusion will be in this cultural battle but Netflix and media outlets have already taken a side on the matter.


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