BLM Activist Mocks September 11th, Backlash Ensues

Black Lives Matter activists on twitter took to the #Never Forget to mock those who died, the saying itself, and those Americans who died that day. The internet hate mob started with an SNL personality tweeting out #allbuildingmatter as a way to mock opponents of the black lives matter movement who say “all lives matter”. More from PJ Media:

Black Lives Matter supporters used the “#AllBuildingsMatter” hashtag to draw attention to the horrific Tulsa race massacre, when mobs of white residents, many of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked black residents and businesses in “Black Wall Street.” The horrific white mob destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the Greenwood District.

The exact number of deaths and serious injuries remains unknown. Estimates of deaths range from 26 black people and 10 white people (1921 records) to between 150 and 200 black people and 50 white people. A 2001 commission estimated the fatalities at between 75-100 and 150-300.  Estimates for the wounded range between 183 and more than 800.

The HBO show Watchmen (2019) rightly drew attention to this horrific event, and it seems that “#AllBuildingsMatter” trended on Twitter because users shared photos of the Tulsa race massacre with that hashtag.

Sad to see so many argue and bicker on a day of mourning like today. The country has drifted into an area where only a few can put politics aside for a moment to remember our history. As the years go by there are many young people who are unaware of what happened on September 11th and this ignorance will be prayed upon by political opportunists.


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