Quebec to “Isolate” Citizens in Secret Facility?

Truly horrifying news coming out of Quebec, Canada today. City officials announced that they will be moving “uncooperative”  citizens to a secret facility if they do not follow Coronavirus lockdown measures. The announcement has shocked many and drawn the ire of many from the international community as a direct violation of human rights. More from FAIR:

In Quebec City, Canada, the state has the ability to force people who test positive for the coronavirus into isolation at a secret location if they are deemed “uncooperative,” according to Dr. Jacques Girard, who heads the Quebec City public health authority.

During a portion of a press conference exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA, Girard discussed an instance where patrons from a particular bar were told to wait for test results for the coronavirus. The patrons disregarded the orders and went to other bars before the test results came back positive, which led to them being taken and forcibly placed into isolation by the state.

Girard presents as a mixture of being proud of his power to force citizens who are “uncooperative” into isolation, and coy about the details of that isolation.

The effort is being mocked relentlessly online but for those who live in the city of Quebec, this is a very real issue that will affect them and those in their communities. It is hard to say how aggressive this policy will be from the city leadership but the thought of the policy itself is concerning at the very least, the thought of what policy like this may lead to is horrifying.


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