Bill Gates Dumping Millions Into The Main Stream Media

Bill Gates is a well known globalist figure and he is dumping millions into media outlets and researchers that these media outlets are covering. NPR is by far the biggest offender in this case and some of the research the media outlet is covering is controversial in the eyes of scientists not involved with the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation or other connected organization. More From CRJ.Org:

If you squint as you read the story, you’ll notice that every quoted expert is connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which helps fund the project. And if you’re really paying attention, you’ll also see the editor’s note at the end of the story, which reveals that NPR itself receives funding from Gates.

NPR’s funding from Gates “was not a factor in why or how we did the story,” reporter Pam Fessler says, adding that her reporting went beyond the voices quoted in her article. The story, nevertheless, is one of hundreds NPR has reported about the Gates Foundation or the work it funds, including myriad favorable pieces written from the perspective of Gates or its grantees.

And that speaks to a larger trend—and ethical issue—with billionaire philanthropists’ bankrolling the news. The Broad Foundation, whose philanthropic agenda includes promoting charter schools, at one point funded part of the LA Times’ reporting on education. Charles Koch has made charitable donations to journalistic institutions such as the Poynter Institute, as well as to news organizations such as the Daily Caller News Foundation, that support his conservative politics. And the Rockefeller Foundation funds Vox’s Future Perfect, a reporting project that examines the world “through the lens of effective altruism”—often looking at philanthropy.

The ethical concerns are very real on the journalism front but so are base-level concerns regarding the quality of research being produced. Having one man funding all this research with specific goals in mind might result in other findings being buried and some lower quality results being brought to the forefront.


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