Trump Blamed for Antifa Members Executing Trump Supporter

Democrats in Oregon are blaming President Trump for the murder of one of his supporters in Portland. The story coved yesterday was a troubling one, a Trump supporter was hunted down over his hat and executed by members of Antifa in the city of Portland, now Democrats are claiming that Trump is responsible for the death. More from PJ Media:

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) has brought deeper shame to the term “gaslighting” by blaming “right-wing” “white supremacists” for the “bloodshed” on Portland’s streets following the murder of an apparent Trump supporter on Saturday night. A man who’d been let go by the leftist district attorney on gun charges at an earlier protest is the alleged killer.

Brown blamed the “right-wing” protesters in downtown Portland for the eruption of violence by antifa and the murder of the man who wore a “Patriot Prayer” hat. Patriot Prayer is a local group that has put on free speech marches and pro-Trump rallies in Portland. Triggered antifa activists come to the rallies to get rid of the “fascists” and there has been violence when they show up and police do not intervene. When the prayer group and antifa have been separated by police, or antifa hasn’t shown up, there’s been no violence.

The President gets blamed for a lot of things in the world at large but this is one of the more ridiculous accusations. Violence is becoming commonplace at these riots and protests and it seems that the only people who are condemning violence are the ones getting blamed for the violence. Only time will tell if this violence will come to an end after the election.


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