Right Wing Protesters Hunted Down Over Hats

Several members of the right-wing group, Patriot Prayer, were hunted down by members of Antifa and one was killed by the radical left-wing group. Patriot Prayer has become a well-established group that pushes back against Antifa in the city fo Portland, Oregon, this is not the first time the two have clashed and it is not the last time that the violence has escalated. Violence has escalated across the country as riots get worse and calls for peace from authority remain virtually non-existent. More from the Daily Wire:

“They identified our hats. ‘We’ve got a couple of ’em right here, we’ve got a couple of ’em right here, pull it out pull it out,’” he recalled the attackers shouting. “That’s what they said. We turned around, I didn’t even, it didn’t even register until the shots went off and they took off running. … The shooter took off running, and you know, it takes a second for you to process everything that happened, you know.”

The Patriot Prayer member said he processed that he was shot at and that he was okay, but when he turned to Danielson, he saw he was hit, later understanding he was shot in the chest. “They blew out his heart.”

“Jay’s dead because he believes something different,” he said, noting that the victim was not a “xenophobe” or any other “-ism.”

The alleged witness says the shooter, who was notably dressed in “all white” instead of the typical black, did not know him or Danielson before the attack, but believes the two were targeted because of their beliefs and because they were alone and unarmed.

This incident comes just days after one individual, Kyle Rittenhouse, defended himself from Antifa rioters during the Kenosha riots. The Kenosha incident left two alleged members of Antifa dead and one wounded, many experts are noting that there is a clear escalation of violence in the country. Rittenhouse had defended himself with a rifle in the incident and one fo the individuals he shot was wielding a firearm of his own.


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