Looters Steal The Wallet of A Firefighter While He Was Battling California’s Wildfires

A California Firefighter had his wallet stolen by looters while he courageously fought the California wildfires that are still ongoing in the state. This was no random coincidence either, according to local authorities the vehicle that was burglarized was marked as a firefighters vehicle. While this brave man risked his life to save his fellow citizens these degenerate looters used the natural disaster to line their own pockets. More from the Daily Wire: 

The looters apparently entered the firefighter’s truck as he and his crew were fighting to control the Santa Cruz blaze sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning. In a matter of hours, they’d taken his possessions and allegedly drained his bank account using a debit card, per the Santa Cruz sheriff’s office.

“That’s the extent these people have gone,” California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Battalion Chief Mark Brunton said at a press conference. “Again, this is why we’ve asked for people to evacuate. The sheriff’s department has done a fantastic job in trying to wrangle this, but again, this is what we have as a result.”

The Santa Cruz sheriff’s office did not comment extensively on the case except to say that an investigation had been opened, but the Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart did tell reporters that he “can’t imagine a bigger lowlife.”

Riots and looting have become commonplace in America, despicable actions like these are cause for concern but they don’t shock anyone. The wildfires have devastated the area and burned up more than a million acres of land and these looters are little more than petty opportunists who are looking to make a quick buck during a disaster.


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