Voter Fraud Exposed In New Jersey, Mail-In Ballots Result in Election Redo

Voter fraud is a big issue in the 2020 election due to the Coronavirus fueling the argument for mail-in voting, a procedure that has been criticized relentlessly for its openness to fraud and the possibility it may delegitimize the election. In New Jersey as Judge has recalled an election due to voter fraud involving mail-in ballots. More from Life Site News:

State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela “ruled that a new election will be held in November for a disputed Paterson City Council seat, just weeks after the race’s apparent winner and a sitting councilman were charged with voter fraud,” the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

“Alex Mendez had won a special election on May 12 to fill the seat, but claims of voter fraud were soon raised,” according to the AP. “An investigation was then launched after the U.S. Postal Service’s law enforcement arm told the state attorney general’s office about hundreds of mail-in ballots located in a mailbox in Paterson, along with more found in nearby Haledon.”

Roughly 800 ballots were not counted in the local election.

In June, the Paterson Press reported that four individuals had been arrested for alleged voter fraud, “including Michael Jackson, an incumbent city councilman, and councilman-elect Alex Mendez.”

This story is not uncommon, many others like this have cropped up all over the nation, and many involve mail-in voting. Many Americans believe politicians are liars and cheats already, stories like this do not shock anyone and most believe that these same politicians will delegitimize the electoral process to win. With 2020 being a very pivotal election for the country, it is no surprise that the public is concerned about this issue in particular.


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