Scientists Rushing to Develop Coronavirus Breathalyzer Test

Scientists are rushing to develop a new test for the Coronavirus, this new test is aiming to be quick and effective. The new device will be like a breathalyzer test, a small device that is highly portable and will be able to scan your breath to determine if you have the virus or not. The tests that we have now are unpleasant and take too long, these new test should be able to make an impactful change. more from Study Finds: 

Most people who have taken a nasal swab test for COVID-19 will tell you it’s not a pleasant experience. Could there be an easier, and quicker, way of testing for coronavirus? Scientists say there is and they’re working on a “breathalyzer” device which works like a drunk-driving test.

An international research team is developing a prototype coronavirus breathalyzer machine. This device will scan the air after patients exhale, just like current breathalyzers detect alcohol particles in a person’s breath.

At the moment, nasopharyngeal swabs are the gold standard for coronavirus testing. Healthcare workers stick a long swab up a patient’s nose, collecting samples from the nasal passage and back of the throat. Once that uncomfortable part is over, technicians analyze these samples for genes of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus causing COVID-19.

Not only is this process unpleasant for the patient, study authors say it also involves a time-consuming lab test called RT-PCR. With so many people around the world getting tested, it can take medical offices several days before they get results.

This virus has had a huge impact on the world, it has been a long time since pandemic of this scale hit humanity and our best is working to move on. This test should be a big help for those who are looking to get quick and reliable tests.


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