Goodyear Slammed for Discriminatory Policies, Leaked Audio Tells All

A Goodyear tire manufacturing plant made headlines after a leaked slide from a mandated employee training course revealed that the company banned Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter paraphernalia but allowed pro-LGBT and pro-Black Lives Matter paraphernalia. The President has weighed in with his disapproval of the move by the company and the media has jumped in to defend the company. More from The Daily Wire: 

Based on the audio, the policy is even worse than first reported. I doubt that it’s even legal for an employer to tell workers they may express pride in one race but not the other.

The shameless hypocrites in media, who have previously claimed that cancel culture is a myth, now insist that those of us who object to this grotesque discrimination are participating in cancel culture. CNN declared that President Trump has “embraced” cancel culture by speaking out. MSNBC liked that talking point and adopted it as well. Alleged news anchor Don Lemon lashed out at Trump, calling him “the biggest snowflake of them all” and a “hypocrite when it comes to cancel culture.” For good measure, he’s also a “bigot” and a “racist,” according to Lemon. Don’t worry, a news anchor can say all of this because, we are informed, these charges are “not opinions” but rather “facts.”

But speaking of hypocrisy, we don’t need to strain very hard to imagine how the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and everyone else on the Left would react if Goodyear or any other company instituted a policy in the reverse. If the rules allowed for “all lives matter” and “blue lives matter” but explicitly banned “black lives matter,” every single person currently defending Goodyear and mocking as “snowflakes” anyone who criticizes them, would be convulsing with rage. And if — I shudder to imagine — Goodyear had said that “white lives matter” is acceptable and “black lives matter” is not, all of these same people would be accusing the company of committing a hate crime and calling for it to be disbanded.

It is unclear at this time if anything else will come out but the situation is already bad for Goodyear, while this scandal will not put the company under it will certainly have a lasting effect and is likely to cause more issues for the brand as time goes on.


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