Bill Clinton Photographed Getting Massage From Epstein Victim

Former President Bill Clinton has had accusations of sexual misconduct in the past and recently he has had a variety of accusations come his way stemming from the Jeffery Epstein story, but recent photos have surfaced that show him getting a massage from a young woman who we now know is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. More from the Daily Mail:


Epstein and Maxwell, along with other celebrities, accompanied Clinton on the trip to Africa in September 2002. It was part of a project for Clinton’s foundation to raise awareness about poverty and the AIDS crisis in the continent.

Clinton and Ghislaine were pictured posing together as they boarded Epstein’s plane.

Epstein was previously accused of using his private plane to transport underage girls to his various luxury homes in New York, Palm Beach, New Mexico and even Paris. American dignitaries and rich and powerful figures also traveled on the jet.

Clinton’s office previously issued a statement in regards to his travels on the plane and denied knowing anything about the financier’s crimes.

While no major arrests have happened outside of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, there are still facts coming out that the public has not yet seen. With the amount of information the public has access too one would imagine that arrests would have been made of others who have been implicated in this mess. Hopefully, this scandal comes to a proper close and those responsible for some of these truly heinous crimes are arrested by authorities.


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