Nearly A Decade of CIA Secrets Leaked To Top Chinese Officials

(Public Domain) via Obama White House Flickr


Almost a decade worth of classified information from the CIA was leaked to Chineses Officials by a rogue agent operating within the CIA and an unknown relative who acted as a middle man between him and China. Yu Ching Ma, age 67, worked with a relative to give classified information to top Chinese Officials starting in 2001. Yu Ching Ma has worked for the CIA from 1982 until 1987 and following his meeting with an unknown relative and Chinese officials in 2001, he attempted to work for the FBI to get access to more documents. From the Daily Wire:

“According to court documents, Ma began working for the CIA in 1982, maintained a Top Secret clearance, and signed numerous non-disclosure agreements in which he acknowledged his responsibility and ongoing duty to protect U.S. government secrets during his tenure at CIA,” the DOJ said in a statement. “Ma left the CIA in 1989 and lived and worked in Shanghai, China before arriving in Hawaii in 2001.”

“According to court documents, Ma and his relative (identified as co-conspirator #1) conspired with each other and multiple PRC intelligence officials to communicate classified national defense information over the course of a decade,” the statement continued. “The scheme began with three days of meetings in Hong Kong in March 2001 during which the two former CIA officers provided information to the foreign intelligence service about the CIA’s personnel, operations, and methods of concealing communications.  Part of the meeting was captured on videotape, including a portion where Ma can be seen receiving and counting $50,000 in cash for the secrets they provided.”

Authorities say that after Ma moved to Hawaii he applied to work at the FBI in order to gain access to classified information that he again allegedly turned over to communist China.

At this time it is unknown as to what intel was stolen but the Chinese Government does have sensitive information from the CIA and  FBI in its hands. Americans without the highest levels of clearance do not have access to this information and US Government officials are not going to share this information anytime soon.



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