Chaos Engulfs Chicago As Looters Target Magnificent Mile, Signs Points To Coordination

Chaos rocked Chicago last night as masses of violent looters descended on downtown to loot shops along the city’s famous ‘magnificent mile’ gunfire was exchanged with police and many stores had their windows smashed and merchandise seized.

As The Chicago Tribune reports:

Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

The officers had stopped several people on Lake Street near Michigan Avenue when shots were fired from a passing car around 4:30 a.m., nearly five hours into the widespread vandalism, according to police spokesman Tom Ahern. No officers were shot but a squad car was hit, he said. It was not known if anyone in the gunman’s car was shot.

Ahern said other officers were injured through the night. Earlier, an officer was seen slumped against a building by Grand and Wabash avenues as other other cops tended to him. It was unclear what had happened to him. Ahern had no details on the injuries…

People were seen running out of a PNC Bank, its windows smashed, at Huron and State streets. Down the block, other stores, including a Sally Beauty Supply, had been cleaned out by vandals. Other parts of downtown, including around Grand and Wabash avenues, were littered with trash.



Although the looting ostensibly seems to have taken place organically and spontaneously, some have speculated it was a coordinated event.


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