Army Reveals Footage Of New Hypersonic Missiles Developed To Counter Chinese And Russian Threat

The US Army has unveiled footage of a brand new, state of the art, hypersonic missile that flies so fast it can’t be intercepted by any current available weaponry.

The new weapon is seen as an attempt to counter the Chinese and Russian militaries, who have both been hard at work on similar technologies.

As The Daily Mail reports:

The Army has released new footage of an experimental hypersonic missile warhead that is believed to be the ‘super duper missile’ promised by President Donald Trump.

The footage, from a March 19 test at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii, was released during the online Space and Missile Defense Symposium on Tuesday.

It shows the joint Army-Navy common hypersonic glide body (C-HGB) that is being developed for launch from both land and submarine.

Hypersonic re-entry vehicles travel at extremely high speeds and are able to maneuver unpredictably in comparison to traditional ballistic missiles, making them impervious to most missile defense countermeasures.



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