Officials Warn of Danger Posed By ‘Mystery Seeds’ Arriving in American’s Mailboxes From China

Officials are now warning Americans to be on the look out for ‘mystery seeds’ being sent to citizens across the country from China.

The seeds, which are of unknown origin, are being sent in small packages. Officials are warning Americans that, under now circumstances should they attempt to plant the seeds.

As 13WHAM reports:

Local and state authorities are alerting citizens about recent reports of people receiving unsolicited packages through the mail containing unknown types of seeds.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says the packages, similar to ones pictured below, appear to be addressed from China and contain unknown types of seeds.

Officials are telling residents to not open the packages if any are received, and to not plant the seeds.

If you do receive a package containing these seeds, authorities say to store the package and its contents safely and notify police.

While the identity of the seeds remain unknown, many are concerned the seeds may be an attempt by the Chinese government to introduce dangerous, invasive species of plants into US soil.


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