Twitter Drops Hammer on ‘QAnon’ Group, Bans Thousands Of Accounts, After Claiming it is ‘Far-Right’

Twitter unleashed a major crackdown on the supporters of the ‘QAnon’ conspiracy, banning over 7 thousand accounts and limiting the user options of 150,000 more.

Furthermore, the term “QAnon” will now be banned from appearing in trending hashtags and search results going forward.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Twitter announced Tuesday it would permanently suspend accounts that violate its policies while tweeting about QAnon, as it pushes through harsh measures to limit the spread of content about the conspiracy theory.

The company said it is acting following problems with misinformation and harassment from the fringe group that claims ‘deep-state’ traitors are plotting against President Donald Trump.

In the last several weeks, Twitter said it has removed more than 7,000 QAnon accounts for violating the company’s rules against targeted harassment, spam, platform manipulation and ban evasion…

Twitter also said it would block URLs associated with the group from being shared on the platform.

While Twitter claims the ban is due to ‘QAnon’ is a far-right conspiracy group tied to online harassment and abuse, is it possible the tech giant has ulterior motives for the crack down?




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